Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Is 'Rush' Right?

By Steven Masone

Either you love him or hate him. But if you listen closely to his reasoning and assessment of politics in America, you will know he has keen insight into the Psyche of the same. Rush Limbaugh in his 8-29-2012 radio show, likened swing voters to overwhelmed and passive undecided people who tell one thing to pollsters but vote their conscience in the voting booth.

He cited a theory that many swing voters are schizophrenic and unpredictable. However Rush gave the swing voters the benefit of the doubt that portrays them more nammby-pammby then schizo.  His analysis that when the swing voter is around lefties they veer left, and vise versa when interacting with righties.  They want to be liked by both camps and act accordingly when in the company thereof.

But just like the passive nerd will daydream about being courageous and macho, when in the security and privacy of the voting booth they will act on which argument won their allegiance. These swing voters Rush points out are not just the fence sitters in the middle, but are all across the board from left to right.

Independents have a good many swing voters in their ranks but determining a psychological  profile that easier identifies them from among liberals and conservatives may be futile. The main point Rush was attempting to make was the possibility is strong that the swing voters will vote for Romney and add to the disaffected democrats and Independents who voted for Obama, and a landslide will sweep Romney into the White House. Let's hope RUSH is RIGHT!

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