Thursday, December 29, 2011

Homosexual Marriage?

, 2009

California Supreme Court rules for democracy.
by Steven E. Masone

The California Supreme Court ruling that proposition 8 was and is constitutional, was not a surprise to the legal community at all. It is what a democracy is all about. The voters decide what their constitution contains and it also is the right of the citizens to change it if the majority deems it necessary to do so.
The highest court in the state understands this and to have decided against the proposition would have caused the possibility of a constitutional convention which also would open up the voters rights to impose sanctions and restrictions against judicial activism.

So whether or not the gay lobby likes it, as long as the majority of California's electorate say no, that's the end of it.This issue will be very divisive in the future if the vote goes the other way because many who oppose gay marriage on their religious moral convictions may pick up and move to a state they can feel will be more conducive and supportive of their faith and family values. This of course would be financially catastrophic if there was a mass exodus from the state. The rights of gay couples as to their actual benefits and domestic partnership would not improve one whit if they ever win the popular vote and overturn prop 8.

Most opponents see that they want more then the actual equality as to their legal rights they now have, which is a sort of "slapping our religious face" by encroaching on our holy institution given by our God of the bible that teaches us their lifestyle is wrong. This is the perception of many, including the perception that they want our schools to teach our children contrary to these same beliefs. It seems they will shoot themselves in the proverbial foot if they push any further for bible believing America will not live in a state like they want.

It is likely that Roe vs Wade will one day be back in the hands of state rights and jurisdiction, and when that happens, along with all of the other issues conservative believers of all faiths that oppose the homosexual lifestyle as being against God and his nature will band together in political alliances in states they will be the majority in.
 America will become polarized because the gay movement went to far.They have equal rights now,but they want to throw our faith into the streets of Sodom and Gomorrah and we say no! We will pick up our financial marbles and find another home, leaving them to socialistic and hedonistic decay.

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