Wednesday, January 11, 2012

08' Op-Ed on Election 08'

08' Op-Ed on Election 08' 

Race or Gender?
by Steven E.Masone

   U.S. History will be made this Presidential Election, with
American voters giddy and influenced over this fact. The Obama
campaign uses "Change" effectively in suggesting that an
African-American president, will shake up the "white male" good ol'
boy establishment.

   History has already been made because of the democratic
presidential nomination of a person of color in the first place. A
signal racial tolerance has made a quantum leap in America. And if 
McCain/Palin  wins, another first with a woman vice-president
will also be a 'shot' at the patriarchal political system without the
race factor.

   Race or Gender? Gender or Race? Do we really want either or, to
decide the direction of  our country while our proverbial " horse is
in the middle of the stream?"
And the wrong rider will, (us!) fall in and drown! So far Obama is
still offering only oratory and feel good, fuzzy warm " blue sky."

   A famous author once said, "It's not man's dreams that fail him,
it is his lack of Know-how; to bring those dreams into reality that
fail him!" This is a ' truism,' and John McCain's service in the U.S.
Senate  and his voting record is the 'substance' and proof  that he
has not been a member of the 'club' that needs shaking up!

   John McCain will have a hard enough time with the entrenched
that will polarize and paralyze government's ability to quickly solve
our immediate and critical issues. The democrats own infighting and
politics will be jockeying and maneuvering to manipulate the "Rock" in
the White House!

   Substance or style?...Gender or Race?...Facts or ' fairytale?'...
The fairytale is that if Obama is elected,...' dreams will come true.'
The fact is our current situation in every area,needs an experienced
hand at the helm! Vote for Mcain/Palin! So that John McCain can put
our most pressing problems to bed!

   Then it will be "Sleepy time"...and we can all go to "dreamland!"

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