Sunday, January 15, 2012

Land Ahoy!

by Steven Masone

Many Christians are aware intellectually that we are in The Last Times. However many have grown too accustomed to our "vessel" that has brought us so close to this journey's end. This Gospel Ship for them has become so comfortable, they look no more for that "golden shore."
Noah's Ark as a type and shadow of our 'salvation vessel', gives us insight on what our attitude should be concerning the purpose of this "Ship" we sail. First of all it is temporary.   It is not a luxury cruise ship, it is a rescue vessel for the redemption of all those whosever will hear, believe and obey the Gospel Of JESUS CHRIST!

Noah and his family must have been so relieved when the waters of the flood abated and all the labor, burdens were over and they came to "rest" on solid ground. The stench of all those animals enclosed inside the Ark had to be intolerable... except for the fact that the sin and evil of mankind that had just been destroyed made the cities of the earth also intolerable. Nevertheless, Noah had to be ecstatic  with joy when the dove brought back a "sign" that land was at hand.

We see the 'signs' all around us that the "end " is near! But we have become so accustomed to the stench of the "things of this world" we don't want to hear the sound of the watchman; "LAND AHOY!" For if we did, we would let everyone hear "The Good News!" Instead, we don't want to study Daniel & Revelation...nor all the prophesies concerning these times.'

For we know that "Faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God." And we love this 'World' and it's accommodations so much, we want our "cruise" to go on for just a while longer! If we hear too much about "THE END" we might believe it, and not enjoy our deception any longer. The beautiful cabin we have will begin to "smell like a zoo" and we will feel the rocking and swaying of the waves of the flood waters as the reality sets in. We are called to "work while the day is yet,for the night cometh when no man can work." Not to be a"vacation passenger."

We will feel the urgency to preach to our loved ones as never before, and then realize how this is what we should have been doing all along! This will cause us to not enjoy our "state room" like we used to, and instead of coming to the "captains table for all the "dainty and tasty morsels "of our wonderful cruise ship's menu, we hear of the invitation to "the marriage Supper of the Lamb, and it has been so long since we thought what that would taste like... because we have eaten and drank of this world's pleasure, we are no longer excited to get off the boat!

Many Churches are shortening their service days, and are accommodating the vacationers  on this salvation ship instead of obeying the Captain of our salvation!

But Acts 27 gives us a picture in "allegory" of how this 'SHIP' will make it through this end time storm and
"times of trouble."

When a 'tempest wind called euroclydon" rose up and the ship which Apostle Paul and many souls became endangered, we see that this allegory fits the ship we sail. The apostle Paul prophesied that it would happen! They did not believe him because the winds were "gentle" at the time. As the storm blew worse the sailors began throwing off all the 'tackle' and other dead weight so the ship could be lightened. (Love not the world nor the things of the world)

"Euoroclydon" in the Greek means an 'east wind'..."east" always designates divine involvement. We face an "east wind " of apostasy" and "lukewarmness" (sent by God as the strong delusion to those who love not the truth that they shall believe a lie.)   A lie that we have more time, that these end-time preachers are just alarmists...."that if my preacher don't preach it, I don't need it!" But, in this hour if we are not "lovers of the truth" and begin examining ourselves concerning truth...asking... do we really want to let go of this world? What do we invest more in? Where is our treasure?
Why are so many refusing to study and hear more about the end times we face in this hour? 
Uncomfortable? scary? just want to focus on better promises? This is the promise! Those that are involved with the sailing of the ship, and looking for land, a safe harbor, will be topside like those in Acts 27. The ship was steered into a creek, a narrow passage! (few there be that enter therein) And ran aground on ROCK! Paul warned that only those who stayed in the ship would be saved! The forepart of the ship remained UNMOVABLE, but the hinder-part, was broken up and destroyed!
Only those in the front of the ship who participate in fulfilling their purpose and calling, and have heard the alarm..."LAND AHOY!!!"... and know and do the "Word" are sailors (true servants) not passengers, and have confidence that  this end time age is the greatest hour of the Church. And those saints  know they sail a ship of soul savers, not a ship of fools! The redemption of all those whoever will hear, believe and obey the Gospel Of JESUS CHRIST!

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