Monday, March 12, 2012

Piercing The Dark Mystery...

By Steven Masone
The gnawing feeling of desperation grew with mind bending anxiety after a life of confusion and mystery pushed me to my furthest limit. I was more than familiar with paranormal activity even before being a born again christian. As a young boy I remember learning of the miracles of Jesus in Sunday school, but I had not paid much attention to the demonic activity taught about in many bible stories.

My years growing up not attending church, even though very ugly experiences haunted my dreams for years, I never felt so opposed to God where I dabbled knowingly with the dark arts and magicking. However, my lot in life seemed to draw me to it and it to me.

Experimenting with card tricks I discovered I had some paranormal abilities to read minds and other minor manifestations of unexplained phenomena. I attributed that involvement to the reason I have had weekly supernatural/paranormal events following me for years.

Even after 25 years of bible study and exhaustive research and experiencing God-given supernatural gifting, I have still been harassed and victimized most my adult life by these forces many others are also plagued by. Enough was enough! The last six months have been the worst ever and I felt like I was losing my mind.

It was that time of the week where I knew I was going to defeat this evil once and for all. I decided to have complete mental clarity when the time came. The anxiety as the appointed hour arrived made me feel dizzy. I looked at the faint glow on the dial of my wristwatch. I felt sick as I realized I forgot we just turned our clocks forward and time got away from me and it was dark already.

Fear gripped my nerves and I felt that familiar faint sickening feeling and sense of bewilderment as I saw the first dark shadow fall behind me as I stepped out into my hallway. I summoned up an inner strength seemingly from another realm as another black figure leaped in front of me....another to the right.....

It was then that I realized while I might not be completely victorious in this battle, I knew I would win more ground this time  because I could finally see more of the dark forms appear and disappear as I was seeing for the first time with rapt attention every movement I made and they made.

Out of the corner of my eye another black slippery one flew behind the washing machine as another dark escapee actually levitated up and into the next washer. I was amazed as I looked in and saw that a white sock evidently had flew in hidden by the black one...devious. The last six months I lost at least ten pair! Never again! I have a plan.......LOL.....

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