Thursday, August 2, 2012

There is still a 'Sleeping Moral Majority Giant!'

Thursday, August 2, 2012

There is still a "Sleeping Moral Majority Giant!"

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By Rev. Steven Masone 

    It is very hard to be objective on subjects where your personal views are passionately opposed to one side of the argument. I am opposed to same sex marriage. My opposition is based on my religious beliefs. The right of free speech entitles me to speak out regarding this subject or any subject for any reason, religious, political, or just because.

    The issue of same sex marriage may be the "Pearl Harbor" that wakes up the "Sleeping Giant" in America. Over 80% of Americans claim to be Christian. Unfortunately, 80% of those do not understand the clear teachings of the bible on homosexuality. This is a "Teaching Moment" for a Christian return to the Bible! It is always been historically proven that persecution of the Church causes revival and renewal. Pressure... enlarges.

Many Christians try hard to turn the other cheek when their faith and traditions thereof are attacked. But when their free speech and freedom of religion as an American is attacked, they can pick up the flag and stand their ground to protect and defend the Constitution.

As a veteran, I served my country taking the oath to do so as millions of others also. When you have friends and comrades in arms lose their lives, limbs and mental health to defend the Constitution, it's easier to stand and fight as a patriot than turn the other cheek as a pacifist. Like the military motto "Don't tread on me!" is depicted with a rattlesnake, most veterans get angry and will bite when the Constitution is disrespected and attacked.

    Muslims of course from their liberal reformed ranks to ultra conservative absolutely reject and treat homosexuality as a crime in almost every case punishable by death. It is in their "Sharia Law" and that is the law of the land in most Muslim theocratic governments. They will not be attacked by the left until they pose a political threat to them in this country. It is predicted that by 2050, the U.S. Muslim population will be larger than the African American. Muslims will probably prefer conservative politics over atheistic and liberal left.

    Many Christians like myself do not object to homosexuals having the same rights and privileges in a civil union. Marriage as an institution from the biblical teachings has been through many different methods of recognition. From Adam and Eve to the Ecclesiastical system of Mosaic Law, there was no official ceremony or legality to marriage. A man simply chose a wife and they consummated their marriage and "became one flesh."  Genesis 2: 24 "Therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and they shall become one flesh." This was the marriage act, but it was still understood to be God ordained and later conformed to the Biblical progression of God's divine government which we see unfolded through scripture. Of course Christians believe marriage must conform to God's ways and not man's.

    In this country, A satanist can have a legal satanic church and become legally married. While no one in Christianity would care to recognize this legality, it is
civily legal and binding. Satanists do not run around and throw this civil right into Christian's faces as they understand that the majority of those who identify with Christian principles will not care to employ them or buy and trade with them in commerce. Thus, "The Sleeping Giant."

    The liberal left and their mainstream media backing are "biting off" more than they can chew. They believe their own propaganda polls which are purposely skewed by misleading questions to show that the public is evenly divided on the same sex marriage issue. The truth is that the "Sleeping Giant" just woke up and flexed it's economic muscles' regarding the Chic-fil-A  Appreciation Day. Christians and their supporters ( other morally inclined groups)  are sick and tired of things they hold sacred  being disrespected with their constitutional rights attacked. 

    It is likely there will be grass roots groups organizing the supporting of Christian friendly companies. Of course they will not even have to boycott or name the anti-christian companies and organizations, they label and identify themselves. Just the very fact that Christian consumers have the internet and research instantly available will direct them accordingly. We have the right to spend our money where we want! Fight fire with fire. Soon the "Sleeping Moral Majority" will bring down the liberal press and media attack dogs by their not viewing leftist propaganda any longer. 

      Christians should be boycotting Hollywood and the cable companies and 

broadcast networks (andtheir advertisers) who are 

dumping their filth into our living

 rooms. Anyone, 

liberal or conservative  who believes that what people 

watch in their own homes has 

no adverse effect on society, is not facing reality.

sniffing dogs in the schools back

 when I  Love Lucy and Andy Griffith dominated the

airwaves. As television  programming has devolved, so has society. 

 On one hand we should be boycotting TV channels because of the sex, violence and the adverse social agenda they present, and on the other hand we should be boycotting them because so much of the programming is stale and boring.  One answer is a system where people are able to choose the programming that enters their home, and this is possible with cable systems. It's time Christians started a boycott to get this kind of service at a fair price.  The "basic channel bundle" only forces us to accept the bad with the good. Sure, there are those who will tell us that if we don't like a program we should turn it off, and we agree. We just want to turn it off before it gets into our homes. That way our dollars do not finance the unhealthy and left engineered drivel.
    The "We're queer...we're here and in your face" attitude is going to cost the "Gay" movement dearly. The homosexuals are being used by the liberal left as a "tool to inflame" voters against conservative politics. Obama proves it by his flip-flop on same-sex marriage in time for re-election. Most Christians respect and will uphold anyone's legal rights under the U.S. Constitution. Live and let live is American. Christians usually gravitate towards non-christian business and activities in order to make friends and share the Gospel with unbelievers...or at least they should. We are in the world but not of it. But when they are threatened by liberals like the Mayors of cities who have made outrageous illegal threats for Chic-fil-A's CEO expressing  "free speech"....we can see the hateful writing on the wall, and  if it's economical war they want, they will lose badly! 

From the Book "Waking The Sleeping Giant."

Mainstream America has for too long been the sleeping giant of American politics. As mainstream Americans, we mind our own business, take care of our own responsibilities, and play by the rules. We know that there is no quick path to personal success or to national prosperity. But the ruling class has come to see the mainstream as largely irrelevant as a political force, when we are the backbone that supports the body politic. We work, pay our taxes, and vote. Then we go back to work and hope that those in power will do the right thing. We have trusted the dogs of the political class to guard our lunch, and they have eaten it. Something needs to change. Before we can equip the sleeping giant for the struggle ahead of us, however, we need to wake that sleeping giant. The Awakening Giant exposes liberal techniques and teaches mainstream Americans how to counter them to take back the country that our forebears made great, and to make it great again.

From THE BLAZE.....


It appears Blaze readers weren’t the only ones who were disgusted by the actions of Adam M. Smith, the grown man who took a video of himself berating a female employee at a Chick-fil-A drive-thru in Tuscon, Ariz.
It looks like his former employers at Vante were just as displeased:
Vante regrets the unfortunate events that transpired yesterday in Tucson between our former CFO/Treasurer Adam Smith and an employee at Chick-fil-A. Effective immediately, Mr. Smith is no longer an employee of our company.
The actions of Mr. Smith do not reflect our corporate values in any manner. Vante is an equal opportunity company with a diverse workforce, which holds diverse opinions. We respect the right of our employees and all Americans to hold and express their personal opinions, however, we also expect our company officers to behave in a manner commensurate with their position and in a respectful fashion that conveys these values of civility with others.
We hope that the general population does not hold Mr. Smith’s actions against Vante and its employees.
Smith, as TheBlaze’s Mike Opelka reported this morning, thinks the chicken chain is really hateful. So, naturally, he took a video of himself harassing a Chick-fil-A employee for having the nerve to work for such a “horrible” company.
After pulling up to the window and getting his free water, the tough guy activist proceeded to harangue the remarkably calm young woman. At one point, he even asked her how she can “live with herself” knowing that she works for such hateful people.

After enduring her almost backbreaking politeness, Smith felt it was necessary to end with these words: “I’m a nice guy, by the way… totally heterosexual. Not a gay in me, I just can’t stand the hate.”
Huh. Well, alright then:
Smith must have thought he scored a major victory because he put the video on Youtube. However, contrary to whatever was going through his mind, it turns out most people don’t think bullying a woman who’s just trying to make a living is manly or cool. He tried to pull the video but — surprise! — once you put that stuff online, it’s there forever.
All is not lost for Smith, however. He still has his gig as an Adjunct Lecturer at Eller College in Arizona. As to how long that will last, time will tell.
UPDATE: Did we speak to soon? In his original report, TheBlaze’s Mike Opelka included a hyperlink to Smith’s page on Eller’s website. But now, when you click on the link, this is all you get:
End Time Truth: Obviously, VANTE fired Smith to avoid loss of Christian business! Quote: "We hope that the general population does not hold Mr. Smith’s actions against Vante and its employees." 
The outpouring of Christian support for Chic-fil-A was a shot across the bow for others to hear.

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