Monday, September 17, 2012

Time to Disarm Islamic Extremists!

America has few options when it comes to dealing with Islamic extremism. We have just seen proof positive that we are 'damned if we do and damned if we don't.' We support the Royal Saudi Family's rule in Saudi Arabia and other non-democratic regimes throughout the world because they are at least cooperative with us and our aims, yet we compromise our ideals of freedom for all.

We clearly now see the Islamic Extremists will never allow democracy in our uniquely American form. They want Shariah law and no other religion can find room in their society. America must understand that the Islamic mentality is not to be free as we are, but they want to freely take part in our system of opportunity while keeping their narrow and oppressive ideology and religious fanaticism.
What the west has done with building civilization through medical, technological, creative and industrial advances could never have been done under their primitive and suppressed societies. There are no major contributions that has come from Islamic hardliners in modern history. Dubai and other moderate nations are just now starting to come out of the dysfunctional tribal mentality of past enslavement to their repressive self inflicted mindset and are making meaningful contributions.

U.S. policy must be formulated with the reality that their mindset will be with them for many more decades should they continue to embrace their self-imposed chains that challenge reason and civility in this ever shrinking world. In the last twenty years we have went from just barely seeing freedom and peace happening in Europe, to chatting online with our former enemies and opening global markets where the promise of prosperity is challenging world hunger and poverty.

No longer can we have a Pollyanna attitude that if we keep handing out money to warlike peoples, they will love us and be our friends. We always seem to arm those we end up fighting. This must stop. No more cash to our future enemies. We need to quit giving them fish but rather teach them to fish or cut bait!

We must stop giving them more than they are able to master. We see already what they do with military might. Their sectarian warfare will not subside until we quit giving them weapons! Their blood lust to kill, torture and terrorize their own ought to be a clue what is in store for non-Muslims.

Until the world can see that these nations can peacefully co-exist with the rest of civilization, they need to be contained and not underestimated as to their danger to world peace.

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