Friday, October 12, 2012

Another Nobel Peace (consolation) Prize?

By Steven Masone

The awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize to The European Union smacks of political pandering to leftist ideology. When it was awarded to Barack Obama...for nothing, the award was downgraded in esteem by many corners of not only world opinion, but also it's own legacy was tarnished. Many recipients who are deserving also must take the downgrade as sure as if one who participates in the company or economy that loses their rating from S&P does.

Norway is a socialist country and this is an obvious attempt by
the socialist's who comprise the committee to anoint the socialist trend by France's electing a socialist president. This charade  has cheapened the Award almost as much as when Al Gore won it. One  pundit points out that, "They really awarded it to show how much they disliked the Merkel/ Sarkozy conservative direction of the EU,
rather than any achievement as yet by this one."

 America has kept the EU from war, not the bureaucrats in Brussels. NATO is the organization that keeps Europe safe. NATO is America! America is finally getting over caring whether  other countries like us or not. We will no longer 'lock step' to the left like little schoolgirls vying for vain popularity. We be more like the USA that
has always helped fight the threats to freedom and liberty no matter
what the socialists or fascists were able to do through their controlled press and propaganda machines. Before WWII when America wanted peace and no part of another war, we were belittled as"isolationists" who were abandoning the world to Nazi fascism. To this day we still wonder... were the lives lost at Pearl Harbor sacrificial lamb's?... giving us the excuse to commit to full scale war?

Every time we get involved with European politics and attempt to
please the world opinion, we get burned. It has been shown that no
matter how many American lives we give, nor how much economic aid that
should be going to our schools and infrastructure, the socialist and
communist of this world will never accept our form of freedom as a
Democratic Republic. Our economic power base is supported by the
capitalistic system that any American regardless of birth and station
in life can participate in and rise to the top of society and the
corporate ladder. In Europe their socialistic 'elitist' system is
still closed to those except of royal birth and family dynastic rule.

While throwing the 'bone' of health care and welfare to the
masses, their upper class ruling elite has never changed, they use
capitalism and our free markets to make trillions for their elite, but
deny the opportunity to the least of their citizens while feeding them
the propaganda of how decadent and greedy the capitalistic Americans
are. America is the new 'whipping boy' of Europe. It is no longer
politically correct to blame their troubles on the Jews, so we get the
'role' of the cause of the world's problems.

Perhaps the leaning to the left is what the 'moderates' need to
experience in this country for a while in order to wake up! The
moderates or swing voters who gave us this morass of liberal
socialistic "we just want to be loved" big government albatross, may
not find the weight of it all around their necks worth it.


When Russia was the "bully" the whole world loved us and anything
American was desired and sought after. Once we were the only 'tough
kid' in t
ahe schoolyard though, we were the new bully, no matter that
the figh ts we got in were our fault or not. America should enter into
a new era of "isolationism" and let another "bully" take over the
block again so they can cry and beg once again for the USA to come to
the rescue and help an ungrateful world who wants what we have but
refuses to adopt the model of democracy that made us what we are. Next
time we should say no unless they try a "right turn" for once, as
every time they turn left and we don't, they hate us for it.


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