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Obama-Putin Conspiracy To Disarm U.S.?... Pt 2

The following scenario was published over twenty years ago and has been proven prophetic.

 The Soviet Strategy In Europe
       What is happening in Europe today is an elaborate Soviet script (written almost a decade ago) to rearrange the European chess board in such a way as to shift the balance of world power, or correlation of forces in favor of the Soviet Union by the end of this decade. Some of the key elements in this script are:
       1) Russia would feign economic collapse - She is actually far stronger than the West is now being misled to believe as any close analysis of her military strength and production, her space program, her oil, minerals, and industrial production would indicate. Soviet leaders have simply chosen to direct most of their economic energy into military expansion instead of normal economic endeavors. The Soviet and Western press complain about a shortage of soap and toilet paper, while the Kremlin builds a multibillion dollar nuclear submarine every 37 days out of titanium which the Pentagon cannot afford.
       2) Russia would declare communism dead, the cold war over and a new wave of democracy emerging in the Soviet Union and Eastern Bloc. Communist Parties throughout the bloc would be innocuously renamed [i.e., Social Democrats etc.], reorganized, restaffed with lesser known communists at the top, and secret police organizations "publicly" disbanded, but "privately" renamed, reorganized, and perpetuated. Opposition political groups would be allowed to flourish, but would be infiltrated by the communists and the secret police. Rigged elections would be held with much media fanfare. It should be remembered that the communists like to produce their own competition  a fake competition which they control [i.e., Solidarity in Poland].
       [Ed. Note: The name communism will fade from the scene and some name similar to Democratic Socialism will be adopted. All communists will call themselves "socialists" almost from this time forward.]
       3) The Iron Curtain would be opened and the Berlin Wall dismantled - The psychological impact of these moves on the West and the "illusion" of the collapse of communism was calculated by Andropov and Co. to almost totally eradicate the "threat perception" from the Soviets in the West.
       4) The Soviets would launch the most spectacular disarmament campaign in history -"publicly" making great concessions, signing the INF Treaty and the START Treaty, and then massively cheating on these and all previous treaties, while professing to be abiding by same. Only gullible Western belief in elements 1-3 above would entice the West into massive disarmament while the Soviets continue the most massive but clandestine arms buildup in history. [See Section IV below]
       5) The Soviets would allow East and West Germany to reunite - but only if a united Germany becomes neutral, pulls out of NATO, and allows Soviet troops to remain stationed on its soil. Since Germany is the key country in NATO, her withdrawal would cause the collapse of NATO and all of Europe will become neutral and Finlandized.
       [Ed. Note: Finland was a country which Stalin permitted in 1949 to do everything it wanted, while remaining as much at Stalin's mercy (via vast military intimidation) as any part of Soviet territory was. To be at a dictator's mercy cannot be called freedom in the Western political sense. Finland was given its special status because of Stalin's permission and the military Sword of Damocles the Soviets had over its head. Finland almost always votes with the Soviets in the UN. A neutralized, disarmed, post-NATO Western Europe will be similarly Finlandized.]
       Once German reunification has occurred, Russia will make a major effort to separate Germany from the rest of its Western neighbors politically, militarily, and psychologically.
       6) America would be pressured to pull all of its troops and armament out of Western Europe - in the new post-cold war, post-communism era of European neutrality. Pacifist European governments and populations would demand such a pull-out and leftists/communists pressure in the European and US media, and Congress, would make such a US pull-out a fait accompli. Indeed such pressure in Europe and America has already begun.
       7) America and the West would come in and financially bail out the "newly democratized" Eastern European states and the Soviet Union itself - America and Western Europe will pick up the $40 - $50 billion a year tab for financing Eastern Europe formerly paid by Russia. Direct US financial aid to Russia has already been proposed in the US Congress and by certain Establishment types. US bank, IMF, and World Bank credits to Russia are beginning to flow, and over the next five years over $100 billion in credits and business projects in Russia will be injected by the West.
       8) High technology transfers from America and the West would accelerate - in the light of elements 1-5 above.
       Much of Russia's high technology has come from the West (bought, borrowed, given, stolen, etc.). America built the highly acclaimed Kama River truck factory for Russia in 1972 and Bush is busy modernizing it for Gorbachev today. It produces 300,000 military vehicles per year. Nixon and Kissinger pushed through the sale of America's ball bearing technology in the early '70s which allowed the Soviets to produce MIRVed (multiple warhead) missiles. Soviet espionage stole the US secret to the atom bomb detonator and the US technology on our nuclear submarines running silently. Now new Russian subs run silently and are therefore difficult or impossible to detect.
       The Soviets did not just fall off the turnip truck technologically. (Never underestimate your enemy!) They lead America in space and many areas of weapons technology, and graduate ten times more scientists and engineers than America does each year. But they hope to make some quantum weapons breakthroughs in the 1990s in post-nuclear weaponry which are currently developing with new high technology from Japan, Europe, and America  breakthroughs which could seal America's fate once and for all. The Soviet hierarchy believes that the key to world domination is unlimited access to Western science and technology.
       9) NATO and the Warsaw Pact would be dissolved and an all European security force combining the armies of Eastern and Western Europe would be formed. Of course, Russia would be the dominant military factor in a demilitarized Europe, and would then Finlandize the balance of Europe. Western Europe would have to be completely denuclearized in this scenario (and is moving rapidly in that direction at this writing).
       10) Eastern and Western Europe would be merged into one common European home This merger would first be economic, and then political. A united Europe would be neutral, socialist, Finlandized, and would exclude the US economically and militarily. Soviet policy has never wavered from driving the US (their ultimate enemy) out of Europe and isolating America. Gorbachev and "the script" visualize one socialist union from the Vladivostok to the Atlantic dominated by Russia of course.
       11) The Chinese threat to Russia's southeast would be neutralized by the signing of a Sino/Soviet non-aggression pact. Such a treaty is being presently negotiated and some partial agreements have already been signed.
       12) With Russia's Western and Eastern flanks neutralized, America excluded from Europe, disarmed and demoralized, Russia would be free to move militarily into the Persian Gulf to dominate the Persian Gulf oil fields. That is part of the Brezhnev Doctrine (1973) to grab the two treasure chests upon which the West depends: The Persian Gulf oil fields and the strategic minerals of Southern and South Africa. The latter could be a fait accompli within 2-4 years and the former by the latter part of the 1990s. When that happens, the West will have been checkmated and the de facto surrender (it would innocuously be called "accommodation") of the US and the West would in all likelihood follow.
       [Ed. Note: Some students of the BIBLE call that the Armageddon Scenario.]
       The above twelve-part scenario is the KGB script for Soviet world domination by the end of the 1990s. It was first written about by two former KGB officials: Anatoliy Golitsyn, about a decade ago, and published in his book, NEW LIES FOR OLD (now out of print) in 1984; and Ion Pacepa in his book, RED HORIZONS. These former KGB operatives believe that "the script" is intended to rescue and expand Eastern Europe and Russia's tyranny, convert it into a Euro-socialist communist tyranny; and then into a universal socialist tyranny via: 1) a unified Europe; 2) an all European common market; and 3) finally a New World Order.

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