Monday, June 10, 2013

Poem In The Dark

by Steven Masone

Through the tear stained windows

of my dark and cold night...

Quiet shadows cast down from above.. no warmth... no light.

Inwardly I grieve, as the faraway music cries...closing her melodic door,

Sweet songs fading, the beauty of their refrain, more.

My eyes lift and see the pale glimmer... vanish as a fleeting cloud...

Torn between sense and sound, I give up my voice...I cry aloud!
Mad Men credits falling man video animated gif
More tears upon my tears, falling down and down they fell,

rivers... deep fountains, a bitter... black fire to quell. 

Ashes of broken dreams fly upward courage... ringing hope's bell.

I rise up from the dazed and blind torment... of my long,

lonely, and unbearable... Hell!
by steven masone

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