Thursday, January 22, 2015

I AM (Je suis) Yslʼamʼápʼábyq!

by steven masone

I am an Ophidiophobic!

"Ophidiophobia or ophiophobia is a particular type of specific phobia, the abnormal fear of snakes. Fear of snakes is sometimes called by a more general term, herpetophobia, fear of reptiles and/or amphibians."

But I am also trained in Herpetology.( Study of serpents and reptiles) Teaching jungle survival in the military, herpetology was essential for all special forces recon forces, rangers, mountain and jungle units needed to identify serpents that were harmful and or edible.

Only who have experienced the outdoors and have had close encounters with a snake... know that initial fear factor one gets until the snake is deemed harmless or dispatched. There are three main types of poisonous snakes that can be mistaken as non-poisonous to the untrained eye.

Hemotoxic: When it comes to venomous snakes, some (many are classed as Viperidae – including pit vipers -which can be copperheads, cottonmouths, most rattlesnakes and a number of exotic species) utilize Hemotoxic venom, which means that their venom effects the blood and organs, causing a breakdown or inflammation in the body

Neuro-toxic:      The elapines, short front fangs (Proteroglyphs) snakes, which include the cobra, mamba, and coral snakes, their venom is neurotoxic (nerve toxins) and paralyses the respiratory centre. Animals that survive these bites seldom have any sequelae (aftereffects of the snake bite such as tissue damage).

2)      The two families of viperines, the true vipers (e.g., puff adder, Russell's viper, and common European adder the only venomous snake in the UK) and the pit vipers (e.g., rattlesnakes, copperhead, and fer-de-lance). Viperine snakes have long, hinged, hollow fangs (Solenoglyph); they strike, inject venom (a voluntary action), and withdraw. Many bites by vipers reportedly do not result in injection of substantial quantities of venom. Viperine venom is typically haemotoxic (blood toxins), necrotising (death of tissue), and anticoagulant (preventing the blood from clotting), although a neurotoxic component is present in the venom of some species, e.g., the Mojave rattlesnake

Hemo and Neuro: The neurotoxic element will paralyzie while the hemotoxic through the blood will kill and or incapacitate the victim. (above Coral Snake U.S.)  Often confused with King Snake.

In today's PC world, we are labeled many things by our political and ideological counterparts. If we disagree with their agenda and or segment of their voting base, they have all the one word attacks to denigrate our beliefs and way of life to shift the focus off the real issues by using these tactics. Because my scriptures call homosexuality sinful and an abomination to the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob, I am labeled "homophobic." As if no one on earth has phobias? I have many, I am germophobic, ophiophobic,etc...

Because of my faith I must have a phobia of evil...for Christians must hate evil...not the evil doer, but the spirit of evil from it's satanic source!

So while it is evil that I oppose, it is not the Islamist that I hate. It is the evil that many do in it's name. I hate the evil done in times past that the Spanish Inquisition and the Catholic Church perpetuated as much as the evil many commit nowadays in the name of gods and ideologies...

Just as I must beware of every snake in the grass that I encounter, until I know it is not trying to be a danger to me, I will treat all perceived dangers thus. Evil in every form is my foe, and I must be on guard to "bruise it's head with my heel" if it presents as a threat!
I am against the radical Homosexual agenda that seeks to have public education and the mainstream media promote their sinfulness. Part of that agenda includes  NAMBLA the North American Man/Boy Love Association, that for the moment most of the Gay lobby will not openly support. But the spirit of satanic sexual perversion goes into beastiality and necromancer acts and demonic activities as well. So yes, I am homophobic! Yes, I am Islamophobic because many Islamists' are poisonous and it is harder to tell a radicalized Islamist from a "Moderate Muslim" than it is to tell a poisonous snake from a non-poisonous one until it's too late. 

I also have thugophobia... even though the "thug" attire is the popular fashion craze, until the threat is past, when one of the thuggies gets too close, a wrong move on their part could go badly for them! Anyone who does not take evasive action when a snake crosses their path is foolish and reckless! 

My political ideology that lines up best with my faith is based in the U.S. Constitution. I took an oath to defend it from enemies foreign and domestic. So of course I have a phobia against all who threaten the freedoms and rights granted by God and enumerated in the Constitution of the United States of America.

So feel free! Fill in the blanks. I AM 

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