Saturday, June 20, 2015

The Timing and Sequence of The Rapture

By watching this documentary, one should never be confused again concerning the TIMING AND SEQUENCE OF THE RAPTURE OF THE CHURCH AND THE EVENTS OF THE ENDTIMES. If one is taught by the Holy Ghost, the Spirit of Prophecy, they will know the doctrine of Christ and be in one accord with the Spirit. This historical presentation will examine the Pre / Mid / and Post Tribulation Rapture theories to prove conclusively which one is correct. In order to validate the answer, twenty-three (23) timing and sequence verses, explicitly given by Jesus Christ and His apostles as absolute indicators of the timing of the rapture, will be put in context with the Book of Revelation.

The Pre-Tribulation Rapture theory originated in Europe and was cultivated in the United States for almost two centuries. The Eurocentric “Christian World” has been successfully anesthetized and seduced by the Pre-Tribulation Rapture Doctrine by the Roman Catholic’s Jesuit Order, the Freemasons, the Protestant and Pentecostal seminaries, in conjunction with the Christian Media and press. Satan has introduced many Babylonian doctrines into the Church in order to deceive the gullible and those who are unlearned in the Jewish roots of the scriptures. This historical documentary will identify a few of the key individuals used to propagate the most common theory in the Western World: the Pre-Tribulation Rapture Theory. Espoused by LaCunza, Irvin, Darby, Larkin, Scofield, Sperry, Moody, Lindsey, and LaHay, virtually all preachers, pastors, and Bible students were indoctrinated with endtime teachings from their denomination or fraternal religious orders (seminaries) and subsequently taught the same to their parishioners or students.

If one’s religious leaders secretly worship “Lucifer” and are partakers of the Schools of Mystery Babylon, they can never understand God’s divine plan for the endtimes. Unfortunately, this applies to most, and few in Western Christianity have ever abided in the Apostles’ doctrines, their authority, and revelations. Therefore, their deep-seeded, anti-Semitic views concerning the endtimes will cause millions not to be prepared or know the will the Lord (especially, in America).

American Christians are the most vulnerable and least prepared of all nations for the endtimes. Most will be persecuted, killed during its time of martial law, and pending and planned Illuminati WW III blueprint. Unfortunately, they won’t even know why! This irrefutable documentary may even save you, and your family’s life… it is a must watch (posted above).

Also, please order and read my books (see attachments). The time is short for the following reasons:

1.  Planed martial Law in the US with racial tension and riots scheduled between Blacks and Whites and police officers ... they are intensifying in order to nationalize state and local law enforcements.
2.  Planned banking system collapse with a false cover story that there is a cyber computer attack on the nation's bank
3.  Planned US Military, Jade Helm 15 exercises, to put the military in position for a southern border invasion of the US (Exercises run from July 15th to October 10th, each night starting at midnight to five AM)
4.  Persecution and incarceration of those who oppose the NWO and operations in the US (especially conservative and apostolic Christians who resist same sex marriage and the new social norms).
5.  Planned Natural Disaster (and possible virus scare) by global forces to create panic, fear, and chaos in the US
6.  Planned attack on the US mainland by those in our government who sponsored previous crisis management operations.
7.  Planned Popes Visit to the White House and Congress September 23,24 to Further the Jesuit New World Order and Transformation of America.

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