Monday, March 26, 2012

Profile of a Defense of Defense

Zimmerman "Profiled" Martin.  Profiling is a necessary evil to some...or not evil at all but defensive logic. 9-11 prompts profiling of those who fit terrorist profiles. Crime prompts it of those who look like a duck walks like a duck and talks like a duck. In my neck of the woods, we keep our eyes out first for the dirty gruffy tooth decayed white trailer trash meth-freaks.  Wrong? Crime and violence puts us on guard, and while Zimmerman lacked training and some common sense that lead to a tragedy, we cannot throw the baby out with the bath water and let the PC police and gun control leftists' dictate our  mode of defense of family and property. This incident was fodder for the rabble rousing likes of  Al Sharpton to inflame and get the "race card" front and center for the November elections, and the mainstream media to tear more pieces from our constitution regarding bearing arms. If you fit a profile type and are in my neck of the woods, we will exercise due diligence. If you dress like a thug, we'll be watching.

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