Monday, April 30, 2012

Our Two Party System Is Broken!

Americans understand that the two major political Parties, Democrat and Republican control our political process. While many have forgotten that there are fourteen official registered Parties including the aforementioned, whereas the lesser twelve are toothless if not irrelevant.

However, many of these political organization's idea's and platforms deserve our consideration if we were so inclined to care that better ideas are needed because the two party system does not work anymore.
So the plight we face is due to the apathetic electorate of who we are. The answer and solution to positive change lies in our commitment to study and inform ourselves as to the issues. To blindly have faith that the men and women we elect will serve us and not themselves is folly. Both sides have made their Parties into their own little Kindoms of which their piece of power gives them god-like feelings of omnipotence. They believe they are imperial royalty, and have lied and cheated to stay in power. Many have committed murder, treason and worse.

In this era of multi-international corporate financial opportunity for those who will sell their vote, that temptation is too great for ' we the people' to take our eyes off the ball, much less the game. One piece of legislation for special interested financiers can promise financial freedom to those they induce and bribe.

Many of the lesser twelve Parties advocate political reform that reduces the pensions and perks that most Americans must work twenty or thirty years to earn, while government service dangles many different short term financial bonanza's to our public servants.

Just a quick review of these Party's proposals which are available on the Internet shows us there is much more to consider than Democrats vs Republicans. No longer can we whine and complain about "political scoundrels' if we don't demand accountability as we have the technology to track and watch how they are representing us.

The entire world is vying for political favor from our elected officials for their financial advancement. We are fools to think that we win when they buy our leaders influence. It is no longer just causing an effect between our borders that can be cleaned up . Loss to our economic infrastructure and international trading position can be irretrievable.

With forces internally who desire to see America fused into a New World /Global Order/Village, also know America must forfeit her sovereignty. Translated to mean, the erosion of our Constitution and Bill of Rights. Many violations and erosion's have already occurred because of treaties and involvement with foreign powers.

There is no greater and freedom forming document on the face of this planet than our Constitution, and many would be dismayed to learn how much of these blood bought rights and principles are under attack. Our dilemma therefore is, how much do we really care? Enough to take back our political process by paying less attention to " America's Got Talent?" And realize America's got problems! Only voting out the majority of incumbants anf forming new parties and coalitions that the leaders thereof will keep their oaths to the Constitution will we fix America. We have to drain the swamp!

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