Saturday, July 21, 2012

Eleventh Hour Summer Revival Crusade, Eugene Oregon

End Time Prophesy!  Holy Ghost Revival!            
August 17, 18 & 19   2012
                                 Baptism of the Holy Ghost!                                                                                            
 Signs and wonders! Miracles!
                              Are these divine biblical manifestations for us today?
                                     The Word and Spirit say YES!                                                                                 
                           Salvation and End-Time Prophesy Concerning                     
The Antichrist-The Beast 666- Coming Armageddon
              When: August 17-18-19  7pm 6pm Sat -Sun- 

Where: Westside Apostolic Church 1161 
Grant Street Eugene, OR 97402-3525                                 
                     With: International Evangelist - Steven Masone   
steven masone 
                                                      Contact: (541) 729-9167  


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