Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Flames Of Hatred And The Internet!

From 9/11 2001 to this present explosion of violence and hatred, American's are facing a challenge to their faith, their freedom and their civility as never before. Their faith if Christian, is under attack whereby  they either "put up or shut up " and turn the other cheek, call on their God to give them the strength to walk the walk and "love their enemies."

Their freedom is challenged as terrorists actions at home will inevitably cause loss of privacy and further restrictions similar to martial law curfews and suspension rights of assembly to protest and freedom of speech. Civility will be lost to fear and suspicion of other groups religious, ethnic, and even political. 

Make no mistake, the madness and lawlessness spreading around the world will not be limited to Islamic hatred of all those who are not Muslim. As the internet has connected the world's news and issues into a "melting pot" of instantaneous opposing views, ideology, philosophy religion and politics, the majority of those views invariably are ignorant and hateful as evidenced in survey of comments and forums that abound.
It is evident that the more the differences of opposing views are aired openly and all comers are invited, the "mobs" of ignorant and savage minds take over and create hostile and impossible environments for civil discourse and debate.
Even on forums like facebook,  those friend circles become uncomfortable where people feel they have to discuss what divides rather than unites. It seems as if people assume that they must attack and score points for "status" in order for them to get recognition. An old proverb says it well: "A wise man speaks because he has something to say.... A fool speaks because he has to say something."
While many might argue about all the good the internet is for the world, many more can say that it may do more harm than good. The world does not see the U.S.A. as the giant impersonal superpower anymore, they see a divided , petty and morally corrupt society that they feel hatred for because they still want the wealth we have. Now that they can look into our lives and family feuds as closely as the internet brings them, they see our reality trash T.V. shows and think those "ugly Americans" are the real deal. They see disfunctional bickering and incompetent  hedonistic morons. So of course they no longer see the real America.
No longer do people long to come here for freedom and the American way, but to get what we got and stay the way they are as they have come to hate who ( they think) we are, yet they still want our prosperity without our principles that no longer are evident because all our mainstream media is doing is to berate the American way and this administration still apologizes for our former exceptionalism. 

We are denigrated for doing nothing while genocide from Rwanda to Syria goes unchecked, yet angry mobs will use any excuse to kill us and spread the fires of hatred and violence at every opportunity. We will never win for losing when it comes to how our own media portrays us and the idiotic views and expression of the same are tweeted and sent out worldwide.

One question that needs to be answered is how much financial aid are we giving these nations who have decided to derail our efforts to keep  the world free? And, why are we not withdrawing that aid immediately? One simple answer...Obama. Obama has emboldened our enemies to take our money with one hand, buy the knife with the other that stabs us in the back!

One good thing we can get out of Obama's tenure is that he has helped us to see who our friends are and who our enemies are. Both foreign and domestic. America is coming to a place in our history where because of the decay of moral character from liberal/socialistic ideology and policy, we may be facing another civil war where there will not be a "Mason Dixon line" that separates the sides. A civil war with no geographical boundaries is reminiscent of  the most bloody and violent in world history. Usually, the kind that dictators arise out of and freedom is hard to find again. We surely are facing great challenge if the tide is not turned. And of course we see prophesy unfolding. But as Jonah's preaching caused Nineva to repent and stay the wrath of God, if America repents, we too can stave off this inevitable tribulation.      2 Chronicles 7:14 " if my people who are called by my name humble themselves, and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land."


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