Monday, August 26, 2013

Why? Why? Why?...Delilah!

by Steven Masone

If the Assad regime is guilty of using chemical weapons, US led NATO will have to intervene as Russia and China will veto any proposed  U.N. military action. However, if it turns out that the rebels and it's terrorist groups set up the government of Syria, the U.S. will once again lose face and all credibility on the world stage. The question is, "Is this the goal of the Obama administration?" We know Obama is loyal to the Sunni Muslims led by Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is maneuvering to once and for all destroy the Shiite threat to Saudi supremacy. The Saudi strategy is right from Sun Tzu's "Art of War" manual. "The enemies of my enemies are my friends." (until all the friends are main competitors)   Saudi Arabia knows that when it is only them and Israel standing after a middle-east all-out war, it will be child's play to turn the world against Israel and her friends. We have been 'in bed' with Saudi Arabia for too long. Are we so blind we cannot see we are sleeping with our "Delilah?" We will be dead blind when our enemies "plow with our Heifer."  

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