Friday, September 20, 2013

Interpreting Scripture According To Scripture

The Nicean/Athnasian Trinitarian hypothesis that Father, Son, and Holy Ghost are God together in essence but three in hypostasis/substance/persons and ascribe "individual reality" to each is where their argument can be termed "supremely arrogant!"
God is Spirit. He has proclaimed in his Word over and over he is ONE! ONE SPIRIT equals one GOD...three reality's infer three beings. They say these three partake of the same divine nature but are three distinct persons. The arrogance here is to dissect God like some human experiment and subtract from 'Spirit' their own invention and imagination. God as Spirit is Omnipresent and there is no room anywhere else for any other!

Hosea 13:4 "for there is no saviour beside me." This was Jehovah God speaking...while we do not cross the line of patripassionism...we know Jesus had to suffer, die on the Cross, and be resurrected to be our saviour... yet... one saviour died...
The Alpha designed it as the Father (Thought) and the Omega finished as the Son (Word) and accomplishing it from the beginning to the end, The Holy Ghost!(active Power)
As one person wills to do a thing he creates the thought...thought expressed... (logos/word)and by his will (spirit/power) it is done. One person can be three in manifestation but three or any other number are still "other."
You cannot have one nature and three separate and distinct substance/persons according to Gods own Word. As if his essence is not Spirit and substance is not the same. The same skewed concepts regarding grace can be understood also...Grace is not something separate from God ..."Grace" in Greek is 'Charis' 'pertaining to Spirit....when we are saved by 'Grace' we are saved by his Spirit! "not by might nor by power but by my Spirit saith the Lord." So hence we have the doctrine to just have faith to ask for 'Grace'. We are instructed to ask for the Holy Spirit" Luke11:12, and ye shall receive the gift (Charis) of the Holy Ghost."
If there are three realities or three distinct mind/persons, then if we are made in the image of God..."a double minded man is unstable in all his ways " is another contradiction to Gods person. Man like Satan in our rebellion and fallen nature seek to minimize order to be lifted up and "ascend" to our thrones

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