Friday, March 25, 2016

Financial Beast Of The Last Days

Steven Masone's photo.

The internet and the age of information access we all have at our fingertips now, has made some major problematic issues for the elite that have been running the world for so long. With political movements demanding end of the Fed and central banks, getting us out of the UN and other of the elite controlled organizations, we are seeing a new paradigm of the rats fleeing the sinking ship that has not been seen before.
Not only is Donald Trump's potential nomination and election a major threat to the elite, but the entire popular movement that have had enough of the establishment Elite. The word on the political Street right now that Trump might get assassinated, while very real, is also very insignificant because of the impetus of the movement that they really fear rather than one individual candidate.
Prophecy aside for the moment, we may witness a complete political or otherwise revolution in America in the next 9 months. While it's obvious it could go either way... Good or Bad ... What will be will be. In the last 30 years with the explosion of Technology connected to the dot-coms and related Tech booms, a whole class of new billionaires has been created to add to the new money folks who certainly have some understanding of the threat of the old money oligarchs... ....Now back to prophesy for a moment... we see in the Prophecies of Daniel how the last World Kingdom will be clay mixed with iron all broken up! This is exactly what we see in the financial power of the old and the new Elite.
With this in mind we can see that the former consolidated power of the few families who used to rule the world no longer exists... there's a brand new paradigm and none of them understand it. Thus, we see the broken pieces of the clay mixed with iron representative of a type of free-for-all from whence the Antichrist shall rise.

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